Mobile-friendly Pure JavaScript Content Slider – Ratslider

Are you looking for pure javascript based content slider then here i have shared simple javascript library which help you to integrate a Mobile-friendly Pure JavaScript Content Slider on your website. Ratslider is a stand alone responsive slider maker library wrote in vainilla javascript and its extends RatsliderCore Class.


Include the following javascript and CSS library on page.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="ratslider.css">
<script src="ratslider.js"></script>


Create the HTML for the carousel.

<div id="my-slider">
            <div class="slide" >
            <div class="slide">
            <div class="slide" >
            <div class="slide"  >


Initialize the carousel with options. you can also perform some action under callback method.

            const my-slider=new Ratslider({
                    id:'#my-slider', //my slider id css selector
                    slides:'.slide', //my slide classes inside my slider css selector
                    dots:true, //enable dots handlers
                    handlers:true, //enable arrow handlers
                    draggable:true, //enable dragg navigatioin (suport touch events)
                    create:true // use this option to create on class initialization
                (element)=>{ //callback executed when current slider its in place.
                    console.log('do something');

  • onChange function – event triggered when some navigation event occurs – optional
  • setCurrentSlide function to write a custom strategy – optional
  • resetCurrentSlide function – required if setCurrentSlide is declared
  • getCurrentSlide function – required if setCurrentSlide is declared


  • setCurrentSlide(index=int,goto=false) void
  • resetCurrentSlide() void
  • next(callback) void
  • prev(callback) void
  • goTo(index=int,callback) void
  • getMetadata() return {container,id,slidesClass}
  • getCurrentSlide() return domObj
  • getCurrentSlideIndex() return int
  • getSlides() return Array
  • getSliderLength() return int
  • getNodeIndex(domElement) return int

See live demo and download source code.


This awesome script developed by rantasma, Visit their official github repository for more information and follow for future updates.

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