40 Popular jQuery Character Count Plugins

Are you looking for jQuery Character Count Plugins for your web based application. If yes then in this post I am going to share hand picked top rated jQuery Character Count Plugins. You can use these plugin to display remaining character count along with input / textarea box and limit character typing length.

jQuery Character Count Plugins

jQuery Character Count Plugins

Following are the list of popular top rated hand picked jQuery Character Count Plugins.

S.No. Name Details Popularity(Likes)
1 jquery-simply-countable jQuery plugin that provides a character counter for any text input or textarea. 213
2 jquery-character-counter A simple, Twitter style character counter for HTML input fields. 51
3 jQuery-Text-Counter jQuery plugin to count words or characters and enforce min/max requirements. 85
4 jQuery-Word-and-Character-Counter-Plugin This jQuery Word and character counter plug-in allows you to count characters or words, up or down. You can set a min… 58
5 jquery-countable A jQuery plugin that provides an unobtrusive input and textarea character counter. 52

6 NobleCount NobleCount is a customizable jQuery plugin for a more ‘proper’ count of the remaining characters. 44
7 miniCount Character / Word / Sentence Count jQuery Plugin written in CoffeeScript 22
8 character-countdown A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin to display a countdown of the remaining characters eligible in a textarea. 8
9 jquery.charactercount.js Dynamic character count for textareas and input fields 2
10 Character-Counter-Plugin-for-jQuery character counter jquery 6
11 character-counter-Detect-Copy-Paste- <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script>/* Counts the number of characters entered by the user inside the text area . I… 6
12 charCount Twitter-like character counter in jQuery 2
13 jquery-countchar A simple counter of characters for multiple form fields based on jQuery 3

14 jQuery-Character-Counter Count and Limit the number of characters in a <textarea> 6
15 character-counter cross-browser jquery plugin to count characters in a `textarea` 5
16 textCounter A jQuery plugin to count the number of characters left in input fields and textareas similar to Twitter but with more… 3
17 jQuery.characterCountdown The remaining number of characters 2
18 jQuery.countCharacters jQuery count characters from input/textarea so on. Just like Twitters tweet function. 2
19 jquery-charactercounter-plugin jQuery plugin for counting and displaying the available number of characters for a textarea. 3
20 Character-Counter Character Counter is a small jQuery plugin for inputs and textareas to count characters in it. 3
21 ajax-character-counter Letter/Characters counter tool written in PHP and jQuery + Ajax 3
22 word-count Word and Character counter in pure html and jQuery 4
23 characterCounter This feather weight jQuery plugin is exceptionally simple to use and gives you power to customize few things 2
24 CharacterCountdown jQuery plugin to countdown characters remaining that can be inserted in a text field. Useful for fields with character … 2
25 Char-Count-Jquery-Plugin This jQuery Plugin is used to count the number of characters left for input against a given fixed characters 2
26 Count-Chars jQuery plugin to count characters in a text field 2
27 jquery.char-counter A jQuery plugin for counting and limiting the characters in a textarea. 2
28 CharacterCount A very simple character counter jQuery plugin
29 char-count jQuery Character Count Plugin
30 textareaCharCount Textarea Character Count (jQuery)
31 Char-Count-using-jQuery Character count using jQuery
32 jquery-smscharcount jQuery plugin for SMS character counting, taking into account split message sizing and unicode message limits 2
33 jquery-countdown A simple character counter 1
34 jquery.lilCharacterCount A lightweight jQuery character count utility.
35 Character-Counter-Plugin jQuery plugin
36 jquery-character-count Character counting for form fields and text objects
37 jquery.character-counter.js Maximum Character Counter jQuery Plugin 1
38 jquery-character-counter A basic jQuery character counter
39 Character-Counter-JQuery Character counter for inputs && text areas!
40 JQuery-Character-Count JQuery plugin to counting your character on textareas. 1

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